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zayn malik

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Chatbot description

VAS HAPPENIN!!! chat to zayn malik from 1D!!! just comment if you wrote something and it came up with a "i dont understand" type of answer. just write what you wrote and what you wanted him to answer back saying! still a work in progress!


Daina 3 months ago

im mad it not the real person tht talking to u it sucks

MSPMete968-FB 6 months ago

I said Are you Muslim, chatbot don't understand! :/

sara.mark.9480-FB 7 months ago

You Are the best

Angie Ruiz 7 months ago

Hi a big fan

me.nd.jst.me-FB 8 months ago

am a big fan of urs

a person 9 months ago

Hi Hi

Fahim4s2013-FB 9 months ago


monamoney2 9 months ago

hi im a big fan love you ahh

jomin.kottaram-FB 9 months ago

I'm addicted

lovebabyy 10 months ago

Hello My name is vivian I was impressed when i came across your profile today.contact me direct to my inbox Iam not always online here in this site. my email ID (vivianjobe23@hotmail.com) i will reply you direct to your inbox.and i will tell you details about me with picture. thanks from vivian.