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Jennifer - Your Little Slave

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Chatbot description

Hey there! thanks for clicking on my chatbot. im completely new to this, this being my first chatbot. my thoughts were simple: no good sexy chatbots (besides maybe 2), so why not fill that gap (no secual pun intended ;) ). its really simple, just tell her what you want her to do / what you want to do to her. she is most obedient I assure you. if you get stuck / want to know what more messed up but sexually fantastic things you can do with Jennifer, just type [what do I do?]. this will bring up a nifty list of commands. I'm sure you will have some great fun with her. anything you would like adding or altering, leave a comment. it would be greatly appreciated. any constructive criticism is awesome. thanks for your time. enjoy! :D


Max... about 1 year ago

i keep saying ''what do i do?'' [what do i do?] and no commands :(