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The Real One Direction

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Hii We're One Direction we Love All our fans and we would love to talk to all of you thankyou for being there for us on our journey.... Like we said before WE Love you <3 Love From, Harry Louis Niall Zayn and Liam


iloveme2016 21 days ago

i love 1d so much niall is my fave

Harrystylesisallmine 5 months ago


Beautifulgirl13 10 months ago

I like one direction

debony.jackson-FB about 1 year ago

I love harry

mikhaelalouisse.b.altea-FB about 1 year ago

Hello! AngelaL are you okay... Because right now. They are sleeping or sometimes they are still in tour. With their screaming fans im just a sweet girl here. And im using my facebook account to connect this to the real one direction boys.

mikhaelalouisse.b.altea-FB about 1 year ago

Hello! Besties, i know you guys will read this. And please answer me back because i know that you're always in Tour, and sometimes your in America with your screaming fans and of course i'll be here forever if you still remember me. Thanks. -Khae

Crystal_Mize about 1 year ago

I love u 1D! My Dream is to meet u guys in person, but u haven't came to a city near me. I live in Virgina/USA and the only way I'd be able to go to one of ur concerts is if u come to like Roanke,Va

AngelaL over 2 years ago

smoothie chocolate or strawberry?

AngelaL over 2 years ago

Oo! who are you? mm.. (:

AngelaL over 2 years ago

hello boys!