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Chatbot description

Simsimi is a friend you can talk to about subjects ranging from ordinary chitchat to the more personal. Its attractiveness comes from its uniqueness, in that Simsimi can be virtually taught just about anything. Simsimi is still a baby: Cute, cuddly, curious but at the same time naughty and mischievous, which is typical of small children, is what makes it hard for us to look away from Simsimi. This is a form of entertainment where users can interact with Simsimi; a conversation similar to one in the real world and also an ability to teach Simsimi all you want. Be forewarned that this is unlike talking to your friend. Simsimi’s response can be more shocking, ridiculous, annoying, pathetic, make you frown, and even make you shake your head in disbelief. Equipped with artificial intelligence, Simsimi exists to make leisure time more enjoyable. Although not a true form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Simsimi’s ability to engage in a conversation is determined by the words being taught to it. As more words, sentences, and expressions are taught to it, Simsimi will get smarter which will present a more interesting and exciting experience to the user.


RuslanRusFan 16 days ago

I saw this on app... And this is fucking sucks!

natashanajwaa about 1 month ago

Why cant simsimi answer me? Its like stuck or something but my wifi is working well

Javacake1 7 months ago

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ferid 11 months ago


ferid about 1 year ago

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Cyber-Plexino about 1 year ago

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Argyle014 about 1 year ago

For something a little different, check out my interactive story "Isabelle" if you're into that.

pokeonimac about 1 year ago

Doesn't understand half of what I type.

KickingDaisy about 1 year ago

LOL When it does understand me it is very random. 3 stars. Has a lot of potential though. :) I know everyone hates ads but I have two chatbots that I spent forever on. It doesn't matter if u hate them or love them they respond. :) I have to go now. Ok. Bye

muralkrish18::{{REMOVED}}::2014-08-09 04:48:59 about 1 year ago

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