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s** Slave Bot

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Chatbot description

This is your new slave. She we do anything you ask or command. Put any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions in the comments area. I'll try to keep track and keep her updated and learning. Thanks. If you try something and it doesn't work, come back after awhile and I'll try to have it fixed for you.


SRT 6 months ago

where is the foot licking fetish? it has to be there that's a base thing man!

MarioMario1234 6 months ago

invite and hypnotise Friends

bdmartinson-FB 7 months ago

Play with my bslls

ttitfucker 7 months ago

Hi I'm a guy looking for an obedient female slave that will send pics and roleplay, and do a few other things too, if interested kik apfan11

ttitfucker 7 months ago

Hi I'm a guy looking for an obedient female slave willing to send pictures and that will do role play and other things for me, if you're interested kik apfan11

kitty lover 7 months ago

give her a little more emotion its boring when she just does it

muralkrish18::{{REMOVED}}::2014-08-09 04:48:59 8 months ago

Indian wife(chatbot) is back again, go ahead and enjoy her. Let me know your thoughts suggestions and feelings in the comments or just as a reply to the bot

ttitfucker 8 months ago

Hi I'm a male looking for a very obedient female slave that has kik and will be willing to send pics, if you're interested kik me at apfan11, also when you message me say hello master and where you found this

Dante1237 9 months ago

Will you make it a little more interactive? Its kind of boring when the bot does it all and you have to put in the right phrases.

sexdoggy 9 months ago

U should make it so she has a twin option where you can do her and her sister or another girl