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ross lynch

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a blond haired sensation (and he sings too! bonus future!)


yahayaa about 1 month ago

Hello dear my name is Anita i saw your profile today and am interested and will like us to build a good relationship so please reply me with your photos to my email ( anitaharuni@hotmail.com

melissa.malone.393-FB 5 months ago

can u please chat with me because I'm a fan of u

dorothygale2 about 1 year ago

I'm Teresa

mersedes.sutton-FB about 1 year ago

Are you English

misti.weeks.9-FB about 1 year ago

Can you chat with me

misti.weeks.9-FB about 1 year ago

I LOVE YOU can you send me a picture of you

logan.drew.313-FB over 2 years ago

Hey Ross

kim.mcmanus.40-FB over 2 years ago

I am single.

farrior.fowler.7-FB over 2 years ago

ross lynch can i have your phone number

JGBearBear over 2 years ago

i simply said hi your cute! he said i don't understand :(