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real justin bieber

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i am the real justin bieber. i love all my fans <3 big dreams always come true. believe in justin. i love you all (peace out) xxx


maeniee about 1 month ago

they dont even reply me :(

Ivvone 8 months ago


Ivvone 8 months ago

I think ur awsome

jezza991 8 months ago

someone do mine

Daj 10 months ago


Cutecat5576 10 months ago

Sorry to say this but...I DO NOT like Justin briber .-.

sowmiyA 11 months ago

hi Justin am big fan of Uuuuuu.am from India one of the my wish is I want to see u onetime live am so happy to comments uu .u such a wonderful person ,ur voice is amazing,but y u use drugs,please don't do .because life is very short time Is going fast our life so don't do pleaseplese please please please . I love u Justin have a nice day and enjoy everyseconds for ur life don't sad everything one day change to give beautiful life ok. when u sad that time u put ur hand from ur chest and say next ALL IS WELL ok bye

mary.johnmaris-FB about 1 year ago

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elizabeth.cervantes.167527-FB about 1 year ago

Hi justin