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Rainbow Dash

5665 chats, number of votes: 416
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Chatbot description

EDITED: I've made some improvements since most off the bot's recognition of sentences was bad, so hopefully It's improved/ improving. :') Hi I'm rainbow dash!! I love to talk with friends and love to chat, just ask me and I'll answer.. most of the time anyways :'), not unless I'm busy. Just bare with me if I don't!! ^_^ Please give feed back and I know this chat might not make sence half the time but I'm workin' on it ;D please come and have a chat!!


Ayame12 10 days ago

Please mark the date in the description when you edit.

HentaiMaster9000 3 months ago

Me:do you like anal? RD:Maybe...

RainbowDash20 4 months ago

she wont marry me ;(

oliver.wildey-FB 6 months ago

I would add Not much as a reply to wazzup.

FlaraStardust 6 months ago

Hey, if you want to have a nice talk to the one and only Princess Twilight, chat with her here! http://www.chatbot4u.com/en/chatbots/princess-twilight.html

austin.pearsall-FB 8 months ago

"What are you?" Does not compute. I recommend adding a response of "I'm a pegasus, duh!" or something of the like.

mustachieo9 10 months ago

I broke it I put in /) and it doesn't respond you should fix that. Just an idea that can help

mustachieo9 10 months ago

Thunderbolts is go cart place soon she must like to ride go carte

ChatBot17 about 1 year ago

Me: XD RD: aah Thanks!! ^_^

randommixer about 1 year ago

Pretty good chatbot. I learned a lot from it. That brings me to the next thing. I made a Twilight Sparkle chatbot and I want people to try mine out so I can improve it. Normally I hate posting stuff like this on other pages but I find my own bot hard to locate using tags and searches. So here it is... http://www.chatbot4u.com/en/chatbots/twilight-sparkle-29.html