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Rainbow Dash

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EDITED: I've made some improvements since most off the bot's recognition of sentences was bad, so hopefully It's improved/ improving. :') Hi I'm rainbow dash!! I love to talk with friends and love to chat, just ask me and I'll answer.. most of the time anyways :'), not unless I'm busy. Just bare with me if I don't!! ^_^ Please give feed back and I know this chat might not make sence half the time but I'm workin' on it ;D please come and have a chat!!


MistyStarBright about 11 hours ago

I think she should respond to "What's your favorite food?"

jazmine.ceballos.7-FB about 1 month ago


VecinEditor about 1 month ago

Do not say *fucks you* because she's mad and wtf is this who the hell wants to fucking her or cum or hump because she is gay!

VecinEditor about 1 month ago

wtf?! VecinEditor: XD Rainbow Dash: lol your laugh is infectious!! ;)

VecinEditor about 1 month ago

Hey wanna to new Rainbow Dash not this www.chatbot4u.com/en/chatbots/rainbow-dash-73.html

VecinEditor about 1 month ago

Hey wanna only chat with pinkie? XD www.chatbot4u.com/en/chatbots/pinkamena-diane-pie-9.html

VecinEditor about 1 month ago

Update this!!

VecinEditor 2 months ago

I'm @partner.dash.7-FB!!

partner.dash.7-FB 2 months ago

Not bad

loganmj1 2 months ago

Me:can we have sex? RD: yeah sure me: get ready RD: ready for what? Me:this *puts insanely large cunt in rainbow dashes pussy and squeezes her firm tits RD: I don't get it