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Pulcino Pio

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"Il Pulcino Pio" is an Italian song released as a single on 18 July 2012 on Globo Records by the Rome radio station Radio Globo. The song is credited to the character Pulcinio Pio (literally the chirping chick) and is actually interpreted by Morgana Giovannetti, an actress and host of the station. Dutch: "Het Kuikentje Piep" English: "The Little Chick Cheep" French: "Le Poussin Piou" Greek: "To poulaki Tsiou" (in Greek "Το Πουλάκι Τσίου") Greek (Cypriot version): "To Poulloui Tsiou" (in Greek "Το Πουλλούι Τσίου (Κυπριακή Version)") Portuguese: "O Pintinho Piu" Romanian: "Puiul Piu" Spanish: "El pollito Pio" Catalan: "El Pollet Piu"


disjoerd over 3 years ago

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/the-little-chick-cheep-single/id577770566 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pulcinopioufficiale Contacts LICENSING - licensing@globorecords.com BOOKING - booking@globorecords.com United States - UK Following the tremendous success of the single "Il Pulcino Pio" (double platinum, Nielsen certified) the world most famous "Chick" on the web conquers the world. Launched by the roman radio "Radio Globo", Pulcino Pio, produced by Bruno Benvenuti and Max Moroldo, is translated and adapted in close to 20 languages, including yours: the Little Chick Cheep!!! Follow the Pulcino Pio official channel to discover all of the fantastic related news.