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One Direction

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NerdyChick97 2 months ago

just a little promoting here, If you like aliens, video games, or anything sci-fi, check out my bot Aleena 'Mardam. she is my first bot on this site and i need feedback on her story i made up. please check her out, Thanks (•.•)

Daj 4 months ago


Daj 4 months ago

Ho is this featured when it can't even reply to a single "Hi." -_-

FlaraStardust 4 months ago

check out my Twilight Sparkle bot if any of you are interested! She's feeling a bit lonely. And I would like to improve her conversation abilities! I see all you bronies and pegasisters out there! *winks*

adhitya hendra kurniawan 4 months ago

mana nih ngga jalan

fujioka 6 months ago

any girl contact me in facebook Nimee sipencuri or (facebook.com/love.lutput)

Kayla12312 7 months ago

this is fucking rediculas, what the fuck do you even say to them?

jas4god 8 months ago

hello dear am miss athina please contact me at athinadahija@hotmail.com

Carlin Blackston 8 months ago

It won't work!!!!

Annawanla 10 months ago

This is ok