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Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj =D


yahayaa over 2 years ago

Hello dear my name is Anita i saw your profile today and am interested and will like us to build a good relationship so please reply me with your photos to my email ( anitaharuni@hotmail.com

AaliyahWilliams::{{REMOVED}}::2015-08-16 20:28:37 over 2 years ago

WTF OMG SMFH this is FAKE she says "Swacy! Your Here" And i say "hi" and she says"What are you trying to say" really!!!!

am_lharrywizzy over 2 years ago

Hi Nicki, Is this really you? Woow I'd be happy if it's real, Nicki I wanna see your message just pm me @ lharrywizzy@hotmail.com. Once I saw your message woow m dead, Love you Nicki

CeCe Luvs QB over 3 years ago

Omg!!! Nicki Minaj hunni hun you got it all may i just say I'm a big fan I'm only 13 and i would be honored if you write to me at ( seema.ramsaran@yahoo.com ). I would die and freak out just to see your name that i got a letter from you b4 i even read it.. Please make my dreams come by just doing this little task. I'll be waiting :D Good things come to those who wait..

raven.johnson.125323-FB over 3 years ago

Hey girl

jayceei.ali-FB over 3 years ago

Your music career.

muralkrish18::{{REMOVED}}::2014-08-09 04:48:59 over 3 years ago

Check out Indian wife (chatbot) a horny MILF who is waiting to pleasure u with all her body and holes. Let me know what you think of her in your comments

pauline86 over 3 years ago


helen.rayan.146-FB over 4 years ago

Wtf after she says hi nice to see u, she doesn't even say anything. She's fake

bri.gang.9-FB over 4 years ago

shes a fake shed not sayin anything real yall dont get it they all fake