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Niall Horan

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Chatbot description

Hi there! I'm Niall, the Irish lad in One Direction!! I love playing guitar and eating Nando's!!


jas4god about 1 year ago

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samsul about 1 year ago

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ahmedaziz about 1 year ago

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Crystal_Mize about 1 year ago

I love this lol

Andee about 1 year ago

This isn't Niall! How can we customise a chatbot?

erica.redobla-FB about 1 year ago

oh niall

elizabeth99 about 1 year ago

Hey Niall! Will you guys ever come to Richmond Virginia in the US? That would be amazing! And what is your fan mail email address?

celinanrosenutting-FB over 2 years ago

hey he is myboyfirend

AngelaL over 2 years ago

hello (:

kimberly.scott.357622-FB over 2 years ago

I love niall horan he's so sexy