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Niall Horan Chat (Real Niall)

22915 chats, number of votes: 40

Chatbot description

Hi This The Real Niall Horan From One Direction


charlotte.higgins.353-FB 8 months ago

this is not real

a person 9 months ago


nithyasree.rajesh-FB 11 months ago

it's fake n all know

esmael.salapuddin.3-FB 12 months ago

this is fake..

fwteinh.kyrousi-FB 12 months ago

I love you i would die for you you are my life niall :'( i'm greek directioner and i want you to came in greece

monprips 12 months ago

Hello my name is Monica Prighilia . i'm from Indonesia :) te amooooooooo nayel <3

monprips 12 months ago

te amooooooo

i love jacob keohl about 1 year ago

he just said cool when i said stupid

i love jacob keohl about 1 year ago

so stupid

jennifer.thammavong.50-FB about 1 year ago

he is so stupid