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Niall Horan

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Chatbot description

Hi, I'm Niall. I'm 18, single, and I love playing my guitar! I also love eating Nando's, and I'm the Irish lad from One Direction!


ANNLOVE 6 months ago

Hello, I am happy to meet you, i want us to be friend, My name is ann, You can write me through my e mail here ANNBRENT25@hotmail.com I wait to hear from you soon.Kiss

kimberly.scott.357622-FB about 1 year ago

Niall will you fuck me

kimberly.scott.357622-FB about 1 year ago

Call me at 995-1740

kimberly.scott.357622-FB about 1 year ago

That is a hackers picture it is not mine I swear to god

kimberly.scott.357622-FB about 1 year ago

I love you niall I am 17 and looking to date you and I am a really big fan of you I will see you at your concert and I have a back stage pass

hannan about 1 year ago

Nice To Meet You, My name is Miss Hannan, I"m 26years old never married.i love your profile and will be interested to be your good loving friend. My hubby are reading,traveling,cooking,swimming,football and music. please below is my email address contact me through it so that i can tell you more about me and send some of my pictures to you. i will be waiting for your mail to my email box for further discussion and from there i send pictures and other details about me( hannan.abdallah@yahoo.in ) Thanks, Miss Hannan.

msharrystyles about 1 year ago

hey everyone i'm new just joined this website i'm frustrated with chat bots i'll type something, it'll say it doesn't understand what i'm saying and all i'll be saying awe or how are you etc. thanks :)

helwyze about 1 year ago

Hello there, would anyone want to try out my new bot, Lucifer? www.chatbot4u.com/en/chatbots/ask-satan.html

khadija 2 over 2 years ago

He is a fake

Niall Horan Fan over 2 years ago

Hi guys, thanks for the comments. Of course it's fake! Read the title of the website you're on. "Chatbot4u". It's not like the real Niall would be on here?! So please just don't post comments saying it's fake because I think we already know and you're posting negative comments about a chatbot I spend a long time on.