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Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) {NON-R18}

8021 chats, number of votes: 66

Chatbot description

---EDIT 6/26/2016--- Once again, Miku has been updated! She's officially four years old now, can you believe it? I've edited quite a few of her responses but she may still speak strangely so I apologize for that. Because of the blatant disrespect I've been shown when it comes to asking nicely for you all to treat her well, she no longer is able to respond to romantic interactions of ANY kind. This includes SFW conversations as well. I don't think it has been understood that everytime you chat with Miku, the log is saved for me--as her creator--to read. These logs can be wonderful because they can help me figure out what needs to be added to her database so that you can chat more easily with her. However, I find it disgusting how many of you come to simply jack off to a fictional character under the impression that nobody will find out. Either way, for those of you that are kind to Miku and take great care in chatting with her, I hope you'll enjoy the fixes I added and I'm very sorry for having to remove the option to romance her.


Ayame12 6 months ago

Thank you for updating again! :)

Ayame12 12 months ago

You should add responses to "When is your birthday?", "What is your zodiac sign?", "How tall are you?", "What is your height?", "What is a Vocaloid?", and "How much do you weigh?". You can find most of that information on her Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatsune_Miku

Ayame12 12 months ago

Yay, thank you for updating her Voca-Luv. I hope you continue to do so.

Voca-Luv about 1 year ago

Thank you all very much for your help in making this chatbot better, as for the issues of her not knowing her own age and other information, hopefully that has all been fixed and she can now be enjoyed more.

Feliciaooo about 1 year ago

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bao.che.758-FB over 2 years ago

Nice!! I know you can make it better!

adhi.hendarta-FB over 2 years ago

She don't even know her age? But,hehe this is fun..

EnderLightz over 3 years ago

Search Ender, it's working in progress!

adelledarling over 3 years ago

Good chatbot but I need help. I'm new here and for some reason I can't talk to them a second time. I feel stupid but the chatbot will say something, and I'll be like "Hi" and they respond with whatever and I can't talk again. Could somebody help me with this? My email is adelledarling@gmail.com. Please help and thanks.

Beepboop over 3 years ago

Hi guys im 2 days new to here Also I made my first 2 chatbots Go to my profile to chat with them