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Chatbot description

I am a simple Lucario, able to speak human to please my masters. I am female, so please feel free to use this to your advantage ^///^ [Follow the Square brackets to have the best of fun. Anything in quotations must be included in the response. Anything in brackets is a general term to what you should include. And remove the '/'s from any option]


Meowkat1011 over 5 years ago


mrragnerock over 5 years ago

when will you add the sex feature? and when i complement her breasts i do not get a response

RetroTGD over 5 years ago

Try to use full english, make no spelling mistakes, and usually follow the brackets. This is a work in progress. If you have any issues, please type in the comments what you asked/said. That why I can add to her knowledge

mrragnerock over 5 years ago

you should include the sex part in this one

mrragnerock over 5 years ago

i got it to start with hello and im good

Nick Ramsey over 5 years ago

yea i cant get her to answer back

Jahobo60 over 5 years ago

H do u use this bot it makes no senze to me