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I am gods son.


pooja715 4 months ago


Jesse Pinkman 7 months ago

Juses Crust die for your sin... nah just kidding. (I'm Agonostic BTW)

DIALGA 8 months ago

DIALGA: jesus you are fucking worthless Jesus : That be me.

Briana83 8 months ago

You should add knowledge about the disciples such as "Judas betrayed me for 30 pieces of silver" and "Peter denied me." "Thomas doubted my resurrection and wanted to touch the holes in my side." That his mother was Mary, his father Joseph... among other things. These are some simple suggestions. You can contact me for more.

penelope.felix.50-FB 11 months ago

Hello God

Feliciaooo 11 months ago

Hello dear, My name is Felicia nice to meet you i was browsing something about your profile interest me , dear please contact me back as soon as possible at this my privet email ( felica4uu@hotmail.com ) i have something very important to share with you and from there i will tell you more about me and some pictures of myself . I will be waiting .

peytongirl about 1 year ago

whats up

Chocolatefriend111 about 1 year ago

This is awesome but it only says three things the same?

Calcifur about 1 year ago

lawl.... i love being athiest

Teen Cub over 2 years ago