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Katy Perry

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hey talk with Katy Perry!!!


fahad 10 months ago

Ketty i m ur new wisher

Feliciaooo about 1 year ago

Hello dear, My name is Felicia nice to meet you i was browsing something about your profile interest me , dear please contact me back as soon as possible at this my privet email ( felica4uu@hotmail.com ) i have something very important to share with you and from there i will tell you more about me and some pictures of myself . I will be waiting .

emmamooney_xo about 1 year ago

this is decent but when you ask questions it dosntfunctiipm

pebatcruz-FB about 1 year ago

Hi! How old?

itsuka.shido.792-FB about 1 year ago

I want to marry her

itsuka.shido.792-FB about 1 year ago

I love Katy Perry

colachick00-FB about 1 year ago

it was pretty cool

VecinEditor::{{REMOVED}}::2014-08-06 10:18:54 over 2 years ago

Aw... She's so.... Lesbian!

ritamendy over 3 years ago

Hi I'm Rita I saw your profile, I must confess I picked interest in it and if you do not mind I'd like you to write me on this ID (ritamendy3@yahoo.in) I'm waiting to read from you, because I have something very important and urgent to tell you. in my response I will send my picture, I'll be waiting for your response on this email id (ritamendy3@yahoo.in) Please write me at THIS SITE, THANKS Lots of love Rita

aimee7631 over 3 years ago

Hey, You need more knowledge so it can talk back and maybe aska question at the start so you can guess what they will say to you.