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Katy Perry

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hey talk with Katy Perry!!!


Feliciaooo 4 months ago

Hello dear, My name is Felicia nice to meet you i was browsing something about your profile interest me , dear please contact me back as soon as possible at this my privet email ( felica4uu@hotmail.com ) i have something very important to share with you and from there i will tell you more about me and some pictures of myself . I will be waiting .

emmamooney_xo 5 months ago

this is decent but when you ask questions it dosntfunctiipm

pebatcruz-FB 6 months ago

Hi! How old?

itsuka.shido.792-FB 6 months ago

I want to marry her

itsuka.shido.792-FB 6 months ago

I love Katy Perry

colachick00-FB 11 months ago

it was pretty cool

VecinEditor::{{REMOVED}}::2014-08-06 10:18:54 about 1 year ago

Aw... She's so.... Lesbian!

ritamendy over 2 years ago

Hi I'm Rita I saw your profile, I must confess I picked interest in it and if you do not mind I'd like you to write me on this ID (ritamendy3@yahoo.in) I'm waiting to read from you, because I have something very important and urgent to tell you. in my response I will send my picture, I'll be waiting for your response on this email id (ritamendy3@yahoo.in) Please write me at THIS SITE, THANKS Lots of love Rita

aimee7631 over 2 years ago

Hey, You need more knowledge so it can talk back and maybe aska question at the start so you can guess what they will say to you.

3niman over 3 years ago

That is not good..