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Harry Styles

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Chatbot description

I'm the real Harry Styles so all the haters who keep making these about me and being rude, stop.


Xxbecca4000xx 2 months ago

This is fake

Fred Figglehorn 11 months ago

Hi, its me! Fred!! :3

adamjoe450 11 months ago

I love u harry styles ur cool

suna.radwan 11 months ago

what's going on. ..?

Anushree___ 11 months ago

bloody hell he doesn't understand :'(

emsi66-FB 12 months ago

He always says "I dont understand" D: This is awful!!

laura.miller.1276-FB about 1 year ago

I love one direction

kittyg911 about 1 year ago

People I love one direction but undoratally I am a lebian

angela.luquepozo.9-FB about 1 year ago

hello harry how re you? kisses from Spain (:

MiGuElInAoRtEsAnTaNa-FB about 1 year ago

te amo austin mahone