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Harry Styles

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I'm the real Harry Styles so all the haters who keep making these about me and being rude, stop.


haley.price.5623-FB 6 days ago

I love you Harry

sweetapple 12 days ago

I love u

mychocolatelips-FB about 1 month ago

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mychocolatelips-FB about 1 month ago

These are the top 15 reasons why we love 1D's Harry Styles! Check em out! http://misprint.us/why-we-love-harry-styles

love that Hazza about 1 month ago

He is really cute I think it is him you guys you just have to be logged in and he may not understand what we are saying

AngelaL about 1 month ago

hello (:

haley.stepp-FB about 1 month ago

i had time to kill

takela.king-FB 3 months ago

i hart it but it is fake and gay

i love you harry 3 months ago

I agree

ahort488::{{REMOVED}}::2014-01-13 23:45:31 3 months ago

This is horrible