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Doctor Who

1587 chats, number of votes: 22
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Chatbot description

Hello, I am The Doctor and im 907 years old, I am from the planet Gallifrey I travel with other humans with my T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) and I am the man who is going to save your life... I am a time lord


Kirito Kiyaba 11 months ago

I don't have a doctor who chatbot, and this needs work. First off he was rude after one sentence.

marc.hicks.716-FB over 2 years ago

My Doctor chatbot is cooler www.chatbot4u.com/en/chatbots/the-doctor-18.html . although not complete yet.

Teen Cub over 2 years ago

907 Years OLD!!!!!]]

alex165 over 2 years ago

"Bow ties are cool" HE DOESNT UNDERSTAND IT!

fidofia::{{REMOVED}}::2015-11-02 07:55:37 over 3 years ago

To be honest I find him very out of character, and frankly quite rude. I'm not going to be biased, seeing as I have my own 11th doctor bot, but isn't the doctor supposed to be pretty, you know, friendly?

PunkParade over 3 years ago

HE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND "Bow ties are cool." HE'S BROKEN!

ritamendy over 3 years ago

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