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Boost your sales

A chatbot helps your business to:

  • Improve your customer support

    A chatbot quickly responds to questions of your customers,
    24 hours per day

  • Boost your online sales

    A chatbot guides your visitors through the decision process and advises them on their purchase

  • Support your online marketing campaign

    With a chatbot you can extend your reach and be original!

  • Get to know your customers

    A chatbot helps you to find out exactly why people come to your website and what they are looking for

Get started now!

  • Create a chatbot

    Creating a chatbot is free!
    No credit card required.

  • Give your chatbot knowledge

    Using our easy-to-use online editor, add all required knowledge so that your chatbot can respond to all frequently asked questions.

  • Install the chatbot

    Just copy and paste the HTML code for your chatbot onto your website, or connect it to an instant messenger.

  • Enjoy increased sales/support!

    Your chatbot will help your customers 24/7 resulting in more sales and less support questions!

  • Upgrade to Chatbot4U Pro

    Take your chatbot to the next level. Professional knowledge editing enables you to increase your chatbot’s intelligence and precision by 1000%!

Compare our plans

Features Chatbot4U Lite Chatbot4U Pro
Easy knowledge editing
Unlimited knowledge
Chatbot on your website
Chatbot on IM networks
View conversation logs
Install apps
Follow-up depth ? 1 5
Trigger groups ? 1 4
No advertising ?
Categorize knowledge ?
Search knowledge
Set priority on knowledge ?
Re-use existing responses ?
View unknown questions ?
Conversation limit per month ? unlimited unlimited
Advanced reports ?
Advanced embed code ?
Priority support ?
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